Missouri Bioenergy is an advanced research project of Flick Seed Company.  In 2001, strategies were developed for the propagation and processing of Elephant Grass (Miscanthus Giganteus).  Throughout the project, ecotypes of Miscanthus Giganteus will be evaluated for winter hardiness, ease of propagation, and developing planting techniques.

One of the primary focus of growing Elephant Grass will be growing for a fuel energy crop.  Our team will work closely with Universities including-University of Illinois-Urbana, Iowa State-Ames, and University of Missouri - Columbia. 

Another focus of the Miscanthus project is to quantify the economics for Missouri farmers, and collect data on the processing of the biomass as an engineered fiber fuel.  This fiber fuel will be developed at Show Me Energy Cooperative-Centerview,Mo. (www,goshowmeenergy.com) to bio-pellets for home heat and co-firing with coal